Coronasivun kuvakaruselli

Coronavirus vaccinations in Siun sote

Siun sote is currently carrying out coronavirus vaccinations for persons at highest risk from coronavirus due to age or illness. The availability of vaccines is affecting the progress of the vaccinations.

At the moment, the vaccinations are being provided in the Siun sote area to

  • all persons aged 80 or over or who will turn 80 this year
  • persons aged 65–69 years who are at high risk of severe disease due to underlying health conditions.

These conditions include: organ transplantation or stem cell transplantation, cancer that is receiving active treatment, severe immune system disorders, severe chronic kidney disease, severe chronic lung disease, medicated type 2 diabetes and Down syndrome (adults).

Please note: Vaccines are not provided to people under the age of 16, as there is not yet enough research data on vaccinations for younger people.

Booking a time for vaccinations

Persons currently eligible for vaccination can book a time to receive their vaccination by phone on 013 330 2131.

If you try to make a booking by phone and there are no vaccines available, you will hear an automated message in Finnish explaining that this is the case. New times are opened for reservation on Mondays at 8.00.

Given the limited availability of vaccines, it is very important that the vaccination times are reserved only by persons currently eligible for vaccination. Siun sote is complying with the guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on the priority order for vaccination.

Extending vaccinations to the entire population

Vaccinations will be extended to different groups depending on the availability of vaccines. Coronavirus vaccines will be offered to the entire population when sufficient vaccines are available. Children are not yet being vaccinated, as there is currently insufficient data on the effect of the vaccines on children.

Maintaining safety instructions

It should be noted that even after being vaccinated it is still important to maintain safety distances, maintain good hand and coughing hygiene, use a face covering when maintaining a safe distance is not possible, go for a test if any symptoms emerge and comply with any other guidelines relating to combating coronavirus.  

This must be done because there is not yet enough information on how well the vaccine is preventing infection. While the guidelines will be amended as further information becomes available, the precautionary principle is currently being applied, so the recommendations remain the same both for those who have received the vaccine and those that have not.

Contact information corona

Contact information

If you suspect a coronavirus infection

Counselling and support

  • Social services emergency number +358 13 330 9002
  • Intensified psychiatric open care for adult psychiatry +358 13 330 2132 (between 8:00 and 21:00 during weekdays, weekends and public holidays between 13:00 and 15:00)
  • National Crisis Helpline 09 2525 0113 (service hours)

General information on corona

  • National Coronavirus Helpline 0295 535 535 and chat (Mon-Fri 8 am to 9 pm, Sat 9 am to 3 pm)

Coronavirus information in different languages

Coronavirus information in different languages

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Visit website: Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

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