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Customer feedback

The feedback we receive is valuable to us. We use your feedback for quality control and improving our operations. 

You can give feedback on the care or service you or your loved one has received or on other matters related to our operations. You can give feedback anonymously. If you would like to be contacted about your feedback, please leave your contact information on the feedback form. 

We will process your feedback in full confidence. During holidays, the processing of feedback and responding to it may be delayed, but we try to respond to feedback as soon as possible. 

Please note that social security numbers or other confidential information should not be included in the feedback. The feedback form cannot be used for cancelling appointments, either.

Text message feedback 

We may ask for feedback after a period of treatment or visit with a text message (in Finnish). Answering the text message is free of charge and voluntary. The survey will be sent from the national coded number 18288.