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Imaging can be used as a tool for examining diseases and monitoring treatment.

The most common examination is a basic x-ray, which is the typical x-ray examination. In addition, imaging examinations include ultrasound, computerised tomography, MRI, mammography, vascular and fluoroscopy examinations. At a doctor's request, the radiologist may also perform various procedures and take samples. 

Physiological studies include exercise tests and lung function measurements. Neurophysiological examinations are done for epilepsy (EEG), sleep disorders and nerve damage.

You need a doctor's referral for imaging examinations.  

Your doctor, or in some cases a nurse, will give you information on your examination results. 

The images and a radiologist's written report are saved electronically in your patient records, at which point they are available to your doctor for diagnosis and for planning your treatment.


Appointments for examinations are made in the unit where you are receiving treatment, or you can book appointments for a basic x-ray examination by telephone. 

Imaging centre

The imaging centre performs studies in different departments for clinical radiology, clinical physiology and nuclear medicine, clinical neurophysiology and clinical pathology.

  • Basic x-ray examinations are performed at all our clinics. You can choose the location that suits you best. Ultrasound examinations are performed at all sites except the Siilainen health station.

  • Mammography and computerised tomography examinations, MRIs, vascular and coronary examinations and all the other examinations are performed at the departments in the Central Hospital.

Contact information

Telephone services

Service locations

Ilomantsi (1)
Joensuu (2)
  • North Karelia Central Hospital
  • Tikkamäentie 16
  • 80210 Joensuu

  • X-ray/radiology: Ground floor of wing E, entry through the main doors of the main building. PET: Building L2, basement floor. Entry from Sammonkatu, follow the signs. Physiology: Ground floor of wing D. Neurophysiology: Building A, 10th floor.
  • Imaging services website
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Contact information x-ray

Contact information

X-ray customer service

+358 13 330 2128
Mon–Fri 7:30–15:00

By calling this number, you can make appointments in any location and receive advice related to examinations if necessary.