Kuvakaruselli Childbirth


We provide treatment for people arriving for labour, pregnant people who need urgent care and gynaecological emergency care patients at all hours.

You will need a referral from your maternity and child health clinic for an appointment with a doctor or nurse. You do not need a referral when you are arriving for labour.

The service is subject to a fee. We will send you an invoice for hospital fees afterwards.

When you go into labour, call the delivery room, tel. +358 13 330 1122.

Bring your maternity card and photo ID with you.

Check-in for pregnant people arriving for labour

  • Check in at the emergency clinic located in building J2 of the Central Hospital.
  • The emergency clinic secretary will direct you to the elevators and on to the third floor.
  • Ring the doorbell at the delivery room door. The delivery room staff will guide you from there on.

Come to the hospital immediately if

  • you experience heavy bleeding or constant severe abdominal pain
  • your waters break, your baby is in breech presentation, it is a multiple pregnancy, or the amniotic fluid is green
  • you are less than 36 weeks pregnant and you are having regular painful contractions.

When should you go to the hospital?

  • Regular contractions that have lasted for several hours or pain that you can no longer withstand at home.
  • Your waters break: you can take your time and prepare at home for leaving to the hospital, but do still call the delivery room.

If you are unsure whether you should come to the hospital, it is always a good idea to call us.

Childbirth classes

Childbirth classes are organised in Finnish. They are primarily intended for first-time parents: the pregnant person and their accompanying support person.

Fear of childbirth outpatient clinic

Our services include an outpatient clinic that specialises in fears related to childbirth.

Breast feeding clinic

The breast feeding clinic provides support for breast feeding mothers.

Contact information

Telephone services

Service locations

  • North Karelia Central Hospital
  • Tikkamäentie 16
  • 80210 Joensuu

  • Arriving for labour check in at the emergency clinic located in building J2 of the Central Hospital. Maternity outpatient clinic, building A, wing C, 3rd floor. Open on weekdays 7:30—15:30. Gynaecology and obstetrics inpatient ward, building A, wing G, 1st floor.

Delivery room

Delivery room

Tel. +358 13 330 1122

enquiries 24 hours a day

North Karelia Central Hospital
Tikkamäentie 16, 80210 Joensuu
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