Kuvakaruselli koululainen reppu selässä

Student health care

Student health care provides health care services for students of upper secondary vocational education institutions located in the Siun sote area. The services are intended for full-time students entitled to student financial aid and whose studies last at least two months. 

The aim is to support students’ self-care and life management to help them maintain their ability to study as well as maintain and achieve good health and functional capacity. 

Student health care handles patients’ information confidentially. 

Student health care for university students and universities of applied sciences is provided by the FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service)

Free health checks and vaccinations 

During your studies, you will be offered a health check free of charge. You can also make an appointment for a health check or issues related to studies, mental health, substance abuse problems, birth control, other sexual health matters, and vaccinations. 

Students’ illnesses and accidents 

Students living in the Siun sote area can go to a health station to receive care for urgent and non-urgent illnesses. The service is subject to a fee.

Contact information

Contact information for student health care can be found on the educational institutions’ websites or the FSHS website.