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Siun sote organisation

Wellbeing services county of North Karelia – Support, security and well-being for North Karelians

Wellbeing services county of North Karelia - Siun sote organises public social welfare and health care, rescue services and environmental health care services in North Karelia.

We operate in 13 municipalities: Joensuu, Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes, Outokumpu, Kontiolahti, Ilomantsi, Juuka, Liperi, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä, Tohmajärvi and Heinävesi. There are about 163,400 residents in our area.

Siun sote has been operating in North Karelia since 2017: First as a joint municipal authority until 1 January 2023 when our services and personnel were transferred to the wellbeing services county. There are about 8,000 of us in Siun sote, and nearly every North Karelian uses our services every year.

Effective services that meet the needs of the population

Our aim is to offer North Karelians high-quality services that promote health and well-being and meet the needs of the population, without forgetting cost-effectiveness. Our skilled staff always do what is best for you. You can find our services near you, and more often the service comes to your home or you receive it on your home couch via the internet. As a customer, you also have the opportunity to choose which location you want to visit – in your municipality of residence, in your holiday municipality or perhaps during a business trip.

In addition to local services, we have efficient centralised and regional-wide services. North Karelia Central Hospital is a hospital offering extensive emergency care services, and its quality of care, patient safety and productivity are high in national comparisons. The Siilainen rehabilitation centre provides short-term rehabilitation services professionally for demanding needs for all North Karelians.

We are constantly developing our services to make them easily accessible for you. Our activities are responsible and we want you to receive the help you need in good time and get treatment quickly. For this reason, we are open-mindedly experimenting with new ways of producing services, developing the activities of health clinics, and increasing the number of at-home and preventive services in all our activities.

We care about you so you, a Northern Karelian, are well.


Our staff are divided into different operational areas as follows:

  • Operational area of health care and hospital services 39% (3,056)
  • Operational area of elderly citizens 31% (2,418)
  • Operational area of family and social services 14% (1,069)
  • Rescue Department 4% (343, does not include contract fire brigades)
  • Environmental health care 1% (59)
  • Common services 11% (835)

The common services employ a total of 835 employees, some of whom work directly with clients and patients, some do indirect client and patient work and some are responsible for statutory administrative tasks. Common services include substitutes for nurses working in Siun sote's HR services as well as support services that include equipment maintenance technicians, warehouse and transport services employees, employees responsible for customer and patient fees and ward secretaries.

Professional structure of personnel:

  • Health care 72%
  • Social services tasks 12%
  • Assisting tasks 4,5%
  • Administrative tasks 3%
  • Support services 3%
  • Other tasks 1%