Kuvakaruselli puhelinpalvelun hoitaja

Customer and patient rights

According to legislation, social welfare clients have the right to good quality social welfare and good personal treatment. According to legislation, patients have the right to good health and medical care and good personal treatment during this care.

The social welfare ombudsman and the patient ombudsman advise the clients of social welfare and health care of their rights and give assistance if necessary.

Access to treatment (guaranteed access to health care) 

Provisions on access to treatment are laid down in the Health Care Act. First aid and urgent care must be provided immediately regardless of the patient's place of residence. For urgent care, health stations and hospitals have emergency clinics.

Client and patient safety  

Client and patient safety is an important part of the quality of services and care. It includes the safety of services and care, the safety of drug treatment and the safety of equipment and supplies.

From the perspective of the clients and patients, safety means that they receive the services and care they need at the right time in the right place with no harm caused to them.

What can you do to promote your own safety? 

  • Make sure that the staff have enough information about you and your situation.  
  • If there is anything unclear, ask questions and make sure you understand the instructions you have received and your follow-up plan. 
  • Keep a record of the medicines and natural products you use. 
  • Familiarise yourself with your medicines and use them as instructed. 
  • Look after your hand hygiene. 
  • Give us feedback on the service, care or personal treatment you have received.