Coronasivun kuvakaruselli

Preparing for a quarantine

How can I prepare for a possible coronavirus quarantine?

Coronavirus COVID-19 variants have also spread to Finland. These variants are more infectious. Their spread can be prevented in the same way as the original form of the virus: by washing hands regularly, keeping a sufficient distance from others and using a face mask in public places and situations where there are a lot of people.

Efforts are being made to limit the number of infections by effectively tracing the sources of infection. The health authority (Siun sote) will contact you if this tracing work reveals that you have been exposed to the virus.

The Health Authority (Siun sote) may assign you to isolation or quarantine. As stated in the Communicable Diseases Act, quarantine usually lasts 14 days.

During this quarantine period, you may not go to a shop or pharmacy, visit relatives or friends, engage in hobbies with others, go to a school or other public place, or use public transport. No guests or other people may visit your home. You may go outside, but make sure to keep a distance of at least two metres from other people.

Everyone is personally responsible for complying with quarantine regulations and preparing in advance for the possibility of being quarantined.

You can prepare for a possible quarantine by doing the following:

  • Keep at home a sufficient number of the medicines that you use regularly.
  • Make sure that you have enough fever and pain medication at home (e.g. Burana or Panadol).
  • Keep at home enough dry or frozen food products to last for 14 days.
  • Keep at home a sufficient amount of the hygiene products that you need.
  • Think about which nearby person could get extra supplies for you from the grocery store or pharmacy, if needed. Agree on this with them and exchange phone numbers.
  • You can also buy food from an online store.

Think beforehand about how to stay in touch with family members and what kind of things you could do during a quarantine. Make sure, for example, you have enough reading material, handicraft materials or games.

If you experience any symptoms, please contact the Medical Helpline on 116 117.

Let's protect ourselves and each other!

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Coronavirus information in different languages

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