Coronasivun kuvakaruselli

Coronavirus vaccinations in Siun sote

Vaccination turns and how to book an appointment:

  • persons born in 1991 or earlier
    We highly recommend booking your vaccination appointment online at or
    you can call 013 330 2131 on Mondays from 8 to 9
  • persons born in 1992–2005 with predisposing or highly predisposing conditions for severe coronavirus disease (risk group 1 and risk group 2), persons getting vaccinated must be 16 years of age or older
    • Please wait until you receive a text message from Siun sote for instructions on booking a vaccination appointment or book an appointment by calling 013 330 2131 on Mondays from 8 to 9.
    • You can check your own contact information and SMS permissions at

*Risk groups 1 and 2 include:

Risk group 1: Highly predisposing conditions for severe coronavirus disease include: organ transplantation or stem cell transplantation, currently undergoing active cancer treatment, severe immune system disorders, severe chronic kidney disease, severe chronic lung disease, medicated type 2 diabetes, Down syndrome (adults).

Risk group 2: Predisposing conditions for severe coronavirus disease include: asthma requiring continuous medication, severe heart disease, neurological illness or condition that affects breathing, immunosuppressive drug therapy for autoimmune disease, severe chronic liver disease, type 1 diabetes or adrenal insufficiency, sleep apnoea, psychotic disorder, morbid obesity (body mass index more than 40)

You can find more detailed descriptions of the risk groups on the THL website: Vaccination order and at-risk groups for COVID-19 (

Instruction video for booking an appointment online

Please book a vaccination appointment only if you belong to a group currently eligible for vaccination. Incorrect bookings slow down the vaccination progress. Watch the video to see how to book a vaccination appointment online:



New bookable appointments on Saturdays and Mondays

New appointments will become available for booking on Saturdays at 12 noon and on Mondays at 8 am.

Individual cancelled times can become available throughout the week. Cancellation times can only be booked by people in a group eligible for vaccination.

Vaccination sites

Vaccinations are organised at Siun sote health stations in different municipalities. In addition, coronavirus vaccinations are administered at the vaccination point at Malmikatu 9 in the centre of Joensuu and, if necessary, at the premises of private providers.

Both vaccination doses are administered at the same vaccination site.

Two vaccinations ensure the best protection

The COVID-19 vaccine is administered in two doses. When you get your first vaccination, you will be given an appointment for the second vaccination. The second vaccine dose is administered 12 weeks after the first vaccination.

The second vaccine dose is important in order to boost the protective efficacy of the vaccine. The second dose also ensures that the protection lasts as long as possible.

The second appointment will be at the same vaccination point where the first vaccine was administered.

The vaccination appointment reserved for the 2nd dose can only be postponed due to an unavoidable obstacle. If it is absolutely necessary to move the appointment, you can do so by calling the coronavirus vaccination appointment number 013 330 2131 on Mondays from 9 to 11. You cannot change your appointment online.

Maintaining safety instructions

It should be noted that even after being vaccinated it is still important to maintain safety distances, maintain good hand and coughing hygiene, use a face covering when maintaining a safe distance is not possible, go for a test if any symptoms emerge and comply with any other guidelines relating to combating coronavirus.