Coronasivun kuvakaruselli

Coronavirus situation weekly update

The weekly reports are published in Finnish on Thursdays. The translated versions are published on the following Mondays/Tuesdays.

Week 24: Covid situation in North Karelia has remained stable and regional recommendations are to be relaxed

The coronavirus situation in North Karelia has remained in the baseline phase A regional situational picture working group on the coronavirus epidemic met on 17 June to assess the status of the epidemic in North Karelia and the recommendations intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The working group updated the recommendations in relation to the current status of the epidemic, the progress of vaccinations and national guidelines. The recommendations valid in the area until further notice are:

  • Remote work is recommended whenever possible.
  • The use of a face mask is recommended in workplaces, indoor public spaces and other situations when more than one person is working or spending time in the same space.
  • In all recreational activities, it is recommended to follow general hygiene guidelines and, if possible, use a face mask.
  • When organising public events and public meetings, the hygiene practices required by legislation must be taken into account, such as the possibility of cleaning hands, maintaining sufficient distances and cleaning of facilities.
  • When travelling abroad, it is recommended that you follow the instructions given by the Government and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Nine new infections were diagnosed in week 23, while four cases were recorded the week prior to this. By Thursday morning in week 24, ten new infections had been confirmed and a total of 43 people were in quarantine. Six of the infections diagnosed early in the week were in Kitee. The origin of the infections was from abroad, and some of the infections are among persons who live with persons who were first infected. Individual infections have also been diagnosed in Joensuu and Rääkkylä.

“More than half of infections are currently from abroad. If travel is necessary, you should continue to be particularly careful. In many countries, the epidemic is clearly worse than in Finland,” reminds Sirpa Kaipiainen, chairman of the situational picture working group at Siun sote.

The COVID-19 situational picture working group for the Siun Sote operating area includes representatives from not only the social welfare services of Siun Sote but also municipal and business representatives and representatives from the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland (ISAVI), the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Karelia (ELY Centre). The working group will meet next on Thursday 15 July 2021.

The coronavirus situation in North Karelia in week 23 (7.–13.6 2021).

The numbers include all confirmed coronavirus cases in North Karelia and among residents of North Karelia. The numbers might differ from those in the THL Finnish National Infectious Diseases Register, where the information is entered according to the area where the person is registered as a resident.

  • Number of COVID-19 infections: 9, change from previous week +5
  • Origin of known infections in 100 % of cases
  • 7-day incidence (7.–13.6.2021): 7,67, change +4,93
  • 14-day incidence (31.5.–13.6.2021): 10,41, change +2,74
  • Coronavirus samples: 1830, change -500
  • Percentage of positive coronavirus samples: 0.54 %

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