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Working-age services

Social services for people of working age

Services for people of working age are provided for adults and families aged 18 to 64 living in the Siun sote area. We will help you when you need support, guidance and counselling in different everyday situations.

Social work and social guidance provide customers support for making changes. Among other things, the aim of making changes is to reinforce the customer's well-being, independent coping, and life management, and to reduce vulnerability.

A package of social support and social services to meet your needs will be built together with a social worker or social counsellor.

You can contact the services for example if you or someone close to you are experiencing

  • difficulties in coping with everyday life
  • difficulties in moving forward in life due to prolonged unemployment or reduced ability to work
  • mental health or substance abuse problems
  • housing problems or if you do not have a place to stay
  • a need for guidance and counselling related to social security or other social services
  • a sudden crisis or a violent experience
  • financial problems.

Services for people of working age include

  • guidance and counselling
  • discussion and support
  • rehabilitative work activities
  • services for the homeless
  • supplementary and preventive social assistance
  • financial intermediation account service
  • social lending
  • social emergency and crisis services.

How to receive services

If you are a new customer, call the social welfare office for assistance.

If you already have a designated employee, they will help you when you make an appointment.

Social emergency services provide help in crisis situations mainly in the evenings and weekends.

Contact information

Honkalampi centre

The Honkalampi centre is a multiprofessional centre of expertise that produces social and disability services.

In addition to expert services, the centre has about 85 places for housing services and inpatient care as well as family care, day activities and comprehensive school.

The Honkalampi centre provides services to persons of all ages whose development or cognitive functions have been prevented or disrupted due to a congenital or developmental illness or disability and who cannot obtain the services they need under other legislation. In addition, the region has preventive services for child welfare, adult social work, family and social services and a mental health and substance abuse care unit.

Available languages: Finnish, English, Swedish.

Social services for people of working age
Social services building L, open by appointment.

Visiting information

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