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social welfare and patient ombudsman

Social welfare ombudsman

The social welfare ombudsman advises clients on matters related to social welfare and early childhood education and care and, if necessary, provides help with the complaints and other legal redresses available to clients related to the service and personal treatment in social welfare and early childhood education and care.

The social welfare ombudsman does not handle matters related to Kela benefits, insurance, job-seeking or housing.

The services provided by the social welfare ombudsman are free of charge.

Patient ombudsman

When necessary, the patient ombudsman provides advice and assistance for making a complaint or submitting a notice of patient injury, notice of pharmaceutical injury, or compensation claim.

The services provided by the patient ombudsman are free of charge.

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Contact information ombudsman

Contact information

Patient ombudsman
Lea Kilpeläinen 
Tel. +358 13 330 8261 
Mon–Fri 9:00–14:00

Social welfare and patient ombudsman
Jukka Antila 
Tel. +358 13 330 8265 
Mon–Wed 9:00–11:30 

Social welfare ombudsman
Leena Viinisalo-Heiskanen 
Tel. +358 13 330 8268 
Mon–Fri 9:00–11:30 

Torikatu 18 A, 3rd floor
80100 Joensuu

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