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Social emergency services

Social emergency services are urgent assistance provided by social welfare professionals in social emergencies.

Social emergency services provide help in crisis situations mainly in the evenings and weekends in the North Karelia area. From Monday through Friday at 8:00–16:00, you can receive services primarily from the family and social services or the services for the elderly in your area of residence.

Social emergency services provide telephone advice, guidance and on-site assistance in the following sudden situations:

  • family and intimate partner violence
  • sexual violence
  • child welfare matters
  • mental health problems
  • substance abuse problems
  • problems of the elderly
  • accidents and crises.

Assistance often takes place in cooperation with other authorities or actors, such as an employee of the client's municipality of residence.

Social emergency services also provide authorities with consultation and executive assistance in various sudden situations outside office hours.

Contact information social emergency services

Contact information

Social emergency services
Tel. +358 13 330 9002
open 24 hours a day