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Joensuu’s shelter to move from Utra to Vehkalahti

Joensuu’s shelter to move from Utra to Vehkalahti

Joensuu’s shelter will move from Utra to Mintunkuja in Vehkalahti (Mintunkuja 3, Joensuu). The shelter will launch activities at its new premises on 18 January 2021. With the move, the shelter will be situated closer to the centre of Joensuu and, for example, the services of the central hospital.

The new facilities have been designed for the operation of the shelter, and these will enable activities to be more communal than previously. All customer rooms will be located on the same floor in the new home-like facilities. Customers will also have shared facilities, and children will have their own playroom. The number of customer places at the shelter will remain the same as previously (seven family places).

The shelter’s activities will continue normally during the move. Customers will be instructed to seek shelter services at the Vehkalahti location starting from 18 January 2021. Activities at the Utra location will end immediately after the move. Customers are advised to contact the shelter by telephone before arriving. Tel: +358 13 330 6008.

What is a shelter?

A shelter is a place of refuge for those who have experienced domestic violence or a threat of violence. A shelter is intended to provide customers with short-term refuge, during which time the customer will be provided crisis help and support in escaping the violence permanently. The shelter is intended for all persons regardless of age, gender or municipality of residence. The help provided by the shelter is free of charge for everyone, and staying at the shelter is always voluntary. Joensuu's shelter has a total of seven family places. The shelter has around 160 customers each year, of which slightly less than half are children.

Shelter website: https://www.siunsote.fi/en/web/english/shelter