Kuvakaruselli influenssa

Influenza vaccinations

Influenza vaccinations in the North Karelia

Influenza is a sudden upper respiratory inflammation that can cause secondary diseases and lead to hospitalisation. There is a flu season every winter, and vaccinations are used to prevent infections.

How to get vaccinated?

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, you have to make an appointment to get the influenza vaccination. You can book a vaccination appointment online (in Finnish) or by calling.

  • Book a separate appointment for each person to be vaccinated. Take your vaccination card with you to the vaccination appointment.

  • Vaccinations can also be administered during maternity and child health clinic appointments and other appointments made for some other reason.

Vaccinations for adults

Adults are vaccinated at health stations during appointments that can be booked online (in Finnish) or by calling.

  • When reserving your appointment online, select the municipality you want and Influenssarokotusaika (Influenza vaccination appointment) from the service menu.

  • You can also make an appointment by calling the health station's appointment and advice number. Clients of health stations that have moved to the team model can call their own contact person.

  • Note! As an exception, the influenza vaccinations for the clients of Niinivaara health station are administered in Penttilä, address: Penttilänkatu 1 F, 2nd floor.

Vaccinations for children and young people

Children under school age are vaccinated at their own child health clinic.

When reserving your appointment online (in Finnish), select the municipality you want and Influenssarokotus lapsi 0–6v (Influenza vaccination child 0–6 yrs) from the service menu.

  • You can also book an appointment by calling the maternity and child health clinic phone service +358 13 330 2841.

  • Influenza vaccinations are also organised at day-care centres across the region. Parents will receive more detailed information on vaccination days and arrangements from their child's day-care centre.

Schoolchildren and students are vaccinated at school and student health care. Schools and educational institutions provide more detailed information on the arrangements.

  • When reserving your appointment online (in Finnish), you can find vaccinations for schoolchildren and students in the service menu under Influenssarokotukset koululaiset ja opiskelijat (Influenza vaccinations schoolchildren and students)

Who gets the vaccine for free?

The seasonal flu vaccine will be available free of charge for those for whom influenza is an essential health risk, or who receive significant health benefits from the vaccination.

The vaccine is available free of charge for

  • Pregnant women

  • Everyone aged 65 and over

  • All children aged between 6 months and 6 years

  • Those in risk groups because of their illness or treatment

  • The family and friends of people at high risk of severe influenza

  • Men starting their military service and women starting their voluntary military service

  • Social, healthcare and medical care personnel.

How can I get vaccinated if I don't belong to any risk group?

If you do not belong to any group eligible for a free vaccination, you can request a prescription to get the vaccine at your own expense. You can request a vaccine prescription by calling your health station.

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