Kuvakaruselli poika piirtää

Family planning clinic

The family planning clinic provides instructions for planning and preventing pregnancy.  The aim is to find a suitable method of birth control.  

Before starting birth control, the patient's health information is checked, as it may affect the safety of the planned method of contraception. 

Family planning clinic services include  

  • planning birth control and starting it  
  • monitoring contraceptives, including renewal of birth control pill prescriptions  
  • birth control and sexual health counselling  
  • IUD insertion if required for birth control  
  • insertion of birth control implant  
  • taking pap smears.

The services are intended for the inhabitants of the Siun sote area and for students living in the area.

School and student health care also provide advice on birth control. Public health nurses in schools and educational institutions can start hormonal contraception for healthy young persons.

Book an appointment at the maternity and child health clinic telephone service 

The maternity and child health clinics are open by appointment. Call the maternity and child health clinics’ central telephone service to make an appointment, tel. +358 13 330 2841 Mon–Fri 7:30–15:00. 


Appointments for birth control consultation are free of charge to the customer; medical appointments are subject to a fee.

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Contact information maternity health clinic

Contact information

Centralised telephone service for maternity and child health clinics

Tel. +358 13 330 2841 Mon–Fri 8:00–15:00. 

  • guidance and advice 
  • booking appointments 
  • changing or cancelling booked appointments

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