Kuvakaruselli nainen neuloo sohvalla

Elderly care services

For information on elderly care services and the financial benefits of older people in the Siun sote area, please contact the senior consultation service Ankkuri. You can contact Ankkuri about yourself or your loved one, or as a carer or medical professional.

Contact us when 

  • there are concerns about being able to live at home 
  • help and support is needed at home 
  • living at home is unsafe 
  • you want information on different housing options 
  • you are caring for your loved one at home, and you want information about your right to compensation for informal care. 

Ankkuri allows you to book an appointment with a services manager or social worker.  

Services managers and social workers assess the need for services, grant Siun sote informal care support services and care services, and direct older people to the services they need. 

The services may be provided by organisations, businesses or Siun sote.

Contact information

Telephone services

Senior consultation service Ankkuri

Contact information

Senior consultation service Ankkuri
Tel. +358 13 330 2890
Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00