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Dissatisfaction with service or care

If you are not satisfied with the service, care or personal treatment you have received, you should first and foremost try to handle the matter with the employees of the unit or their superior. You can give feedback on our services with the customer feedback form. 

Objection related to social welfare and health care services, care, or personal treatment 

A person or their legal representative may make an objection if the person is dissatisfied with social welfare and health care services, care, or personal treatment. 

An objection can be made using an objection form sent to the Siun sote registry. An objection form can also be submitted in the Suomi.fi Messages (requires strong identification).  

You will receive a written reply to your complaint. The reply may not be appealed. 

If necessary, the social welfare ombudsman or the patient ombudsman will help you make as objection.

Claims for material damages 

Siun sote is liable for damages if an employee causes material damage to a client or patient by mistake or negligence. 

A compensation claim for damages is sent in writing to the Siun sote registry.

Appeals against decisions 

If you are not satisfied with a decision concerning the social welfare or health care service you have received, you can make an appeal. Appeal instructions can be found in the service decision you have received. 

The social welfare ombudsman gives advice and, if necessary, also helps to make the appeal.

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If you are experiencing payment difficulties or want to appeal a decision regarding customer fees, see more detailed instructions here: Appeals against customer fees. Payment difficulties.

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Patient injury

Notice of patient injury
Learn more at the Patient Insurance Centre website: https://www.pvk.fi/en/

Notice of pharmaceutical injury
Learn more at the Finnish Mutual Insurance Company for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities website: https://www.laakevahinko.fi/en/