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Decision-making and administration

The joint municipal authority council has the ultimate decision-making power of Siun sote. The councils of owner municipalities elect the members of the joint municipal authority council for the duration of their term. The joint municipal authority council is generally responsible for the activities and finances of the joint municipal authority. 

The joint municipal authority council elects a board for their term of office. The board's task is to lead the joint municipal authority and its administration, to ensure the implementation of ownership policy and to assume responsibility for the implementation of the budget. The board governs the human resources, individual affairs and environmental health services departments. 

The managing director is responsible for the operative management of Siun sote. 

Siun sote is owned by the municipalities

Siun sote is owned by the municipalities. Each year, finances and investment needs are negotiated with the owner municipalities. 

Decision-making and administration are specified in more detail in the basic agreement and administrative rules of the joint municipal authority.