Coronasivun kuvakaruselli

Coronavirus situation weekly update

The weekly reports are published in Finnish on Thursdays. The translated versions are published on the following Mondays.

Week 18: Epidemic situation in North Karelia has remained stable

The coronavirus situation in North Karelia has remained in the baseline stage. The regional coronavirus epidemic situational picture working group met on Thursday, 6 May to evaluate the epidemic situation in the area and the recommendations issued for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

“The situation has remained very similar to what it was in preceding weeks. Infections are detected almost every day, but the numbers have fortunately remained low”, says Domain Manager Sirpa Kaipiainen, of Siun sote, who chairs the group.

The working group eased a recommendation of a maximum of 50 people attending any event. The use of face masks, keeping safe distances, and hand hygiene remain preconditions for organising larger events safely. Other recommendations were left unchanged for now.

“It is a good idea to approach the summer with moderation because vaccinations have not yet been completed. Consequently, masks, social distancing, or other recommendations must not yet be eased, as they protect us all against infection”, Kapainen points out.

“Vaccinations for those of working age are starting soon and they will continue into the summer holiday period. Information on how the vaccinations are proceeding should be followed, and people should take the vaccine when it is their turn.”

In week 17, eleven new coronavirus infections were detected in North Karelia, compared with thirteen cases in the previous week. Infections were detected in Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes, and Heinävesi. Most of infections were among people who had already been quarantined. More extensive exposure at workplaces and among people close to the victims were involved only in two of the cases. The origins of all the infections were successfully identified.

Thursday in week 18 two new infections had been confirmed in the region and a total of 118 people were in quarantine. In Kitee a coronavirus infection was found on 5 May, with connections to possible exposure locations from the previous week. In addition, coronavirus infections were diagnosed among seasonal workers arriving in Kitee from other parts of Finland, and isolations and quarantines affecting them were implemented in the area.

No new infection chains have been found in Lieksa since 28 April. No confirmation of a mutated virus in a chain of transmission has been received so far.

Coronavirus vaccinations in North Karelia are proceeding at a slightly faster pace than the national average. THL statistics show that first doses of the vaccine have been given to about 34% of the population of the region, compared with a vaccine coverage of less than 32% for the whole country. The vaccinations are proceeding at the rate that the vaccines are being delivered to the area. Vaccinations of the elderly or those who are in high-risk groups because of illness are in the final stretch, and the vaccinations are expanding to younger age groups in the coming weeks.

In addition to representatives of Siun sote, the COVID-19 epidemic situational picture working group of the Siun sote area includes representatives of the area's municipalities and the business community, and from the Regional State Administrative Agency for East Finland (ISAVI), the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment (ELY Centre) for North Karelia. The working group meets on Thursday afternoons.

In week 19 the coronavirus epidemic situational picture working group will convene on Wednesday, 12 May.

The coronavirus situation in North Karelia in week 17 (26.4.-2.5 2021).

The numbers include all confirmed coronavirus cases in North Karelia and among residents of North Karelia. The numbers might differ from those in the THL Finnish National Infectious Diseases Register, where the information is entered according to the area where the person is registered as a resident.

  • Number of coronavirus infections: 11, change from previous week -2
  • Origin of known infections in 100 % of cases
  • Seven-day incidence (26.4.-2.5 2021): 4,94, change -1,65
  • 14-day incidence (19.4.-2.5 2021): 11,52, change +0,54
  • Coronavirus samples: 2440, change +400
  • Proportion of positive coronavirus tests: 0.38 %

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