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Child welfare unit Paikkis is now open -news

Siun sote’s new child welfare unit Paikkis located in Kontiolahti opened its doors at the beginning of May. Paikkis provides child welfare services in the form of short-term and long-term substitute care for North Karelia's families.

Paikkis provides substitute care for 13-17-year-olds, and has room for 21 children. Of the three departments at Paikkis, one serves as a reception and crisis unit and the two others provide long-term substitute care.

The aim of child welfare is to safeguard every child's development and well-being primarily in the child's own home. However, situations may arise in life where it is in the child’s best interests to place them in substitute care. Even in these situations, the aim is to reunite the family. A multiprofessional team works in collaboration to build the children's everyday lives at the child welfare unit.

A new aspect we have at Paikkis is our own family worker - a social counsellor whose focus is work with families. We also have our own part-time family therapist who supports cooperation with the family. The family therapist also works as a partner and support for the child's personal counsellor and the family worker,” says Paikkis service supervisor Kirsi Minkkinen.

“Today, child welfare comprises working together, reflection and looking for solutions as well as travelling a path of change with the family. The family, parents and child play all in an equal role as clients in finding alternatives to the family’s situation and options on how to proceed together,” says family therapist Nina Akkanen.

“The facilities have been renovated specifically for our needs. Each child has their own room, and we have shared hobby and gathering areas. The aim of the renovation was to create a home-like environment, and we will further focus on this once the activities are underway. The area's nature is magnificent offering good opportunities for physical activity, outdoor activities and hobbies,” Minkkinen adds.

Paikkis employs a service supervisor and 29 other people. In addition to counsellors and social counsellors, the unit also has three service managers, three nurses and a separate family worker.

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Paikkis lobby area.

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Paikkis room.

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