Kuvakaruselli lapsi tutkii tohtoria

Child health clinic

Child health clinic services are intended for children under school age and their families. The services are intended for the inhabitants of the Siun sote area.

The customer relationship begins when the child turns two weeks old and continues until the child goes to school.

The child health clinic monitors the child's growth and development. The child receives the vaccinations included in the vaccination programme at the child health clinic. The child health clinic also provides support for matters related to parenthood and parents’ relationship.

Both parents are welcome to all maternity and child health clinic visits.

Book an appointment at the maternity and child health clinic telephone service

The maternity and child health clinics are open by appointment. Call the maternity and child health clinics’ central telephone service to make an appointment, tel. +358 13 330 2841 Mon–Fri 7:30–15:00.

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Contact information maternity health clinic

Contact information

Centralised telephone service for maternity and child health clinics

Tel. +358 13 330 2841 Mon–Fri 8:00–15:00. 

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